​Signing MOU - Police and TM​

Għar Lapsi Project Visit​​

Marsa Junction Project Update​​

Sea Safety campaign Launch​

Msida Valley Road Bridge Phase 1 Complete​​

​Msida Creek project launch​

Cawsli Road finished​​

Luqa Road, Santa Lucija​​

Investment in 40 New Buses​​

​Tal-Balal Project Complete​

Żejtun Parish Church Parvis Inauguration​​

First Beams of Marsa Junction Flyover​​

Malta National Park Launch​

Misrah Il-Mafkar inauguration​​

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PSG Reform​​

Scenic Eclipse arrival in Malta​​

Maritime Malta Ship Register​​

Żejtun Parish Parvis Project​

Imqabba project update​​

Dog Park In Zabbar Inauguration​​

Launch of Mtarfa Square and Restoration Clock Tower Project​​