Preliminary Market Consultations

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Advert No: Description Publishing Date Closing Date Remarks
​MTIP/PMC 004/2019 Preliminary Market Consultation for the Services of Leasing of Office Space for the Building and Construction Authority
MTIP/PMC 003/2018​ The Services of Management Consultancy for the Setting Up of a Project Management Framework and the Preparation for Procurement and Implementation of a Project Portfolio Management Tool 16/11/2018 16/01/2018 ​​Open for submissions
MTIP/PMC 002/2018
The Procurement of IP Phones 8008 within the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects. 17/04/2018 Concluded​
​MTIP/PMC 001/2018  Preliminary Market Consultation for the commercial lease of industrial spaces for use by the Manufacturing Servicing Directorate ​ 27/10/2017​ Concluded​