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The Works and Infrastructure Department within the Ministry for Transport,Infrastructure and Capital Projects was established to provide a comprehensive quality service to Government in the design and implementation of public infrastructural works and projects. Another principal aim is to present a comprehensive range of quality services, through its directorates and units, in an efficient manner and with the required return of value for money. 
The Works and Infrastructure Department (previously known as the Works Division) falls within the remit of the Ministry for Transport,Infrastructure and Capital Projects (MTIP) and was set up in 1992.  Over the years it has undergone various changes in the number of Departments that fall under its responsibility.  

The Works and Infrasrtucture Department comprises of the following units:


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The Project Design & Engineering Directorate (previously known as the Building and Engineering Department) maintained its role as the principal design arm of the Works and Infrastructure Department for projects originating from the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure and for projects originating from other Ministries and Departments.
Units falling under this Directorate:
  • Secretariat (administrative staff)
  • Architectural & Structural Design Unit (architects)
  • Drawing Office (draughtsmen)
  • Electrical & Mechanical Services Section (engineers)
  • Quantity Surveying Section (quantity surveyors)
  • Land Survey Unit (land surveyors) ​

irector (Project Design and Engineering) 

Perit Nadia Gatt Curmi
E-mail: nadia.gatt-curmi@gov.mt

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The Projects Implementation Directorate implements the projects undertaken by the Works and Infrastructure Department and also caters for the maintenance of government property, buildings and infrastructure.

Maintenance of the infrastructure is limited to those areas that do not fall under the responsibility of other entities such as Transport Malta and the Local Councils.
The Directorate also offers its assistance to carry out various works all over the island in collaboration with the respective Local Councils.
Units under Projects Implementation Directorate responsibility:

  • Lija Workshop
  • Tar-Robba Quarry
  • Waterproofing Section
At present this Directorate has also under its responsibility seven (7) Zone Offices that will eventually be transformed into four (4) Regions.

Director (Projects Implementation) is Perit Paul Cini B.E. & A. (Hons), A. & C.E.
E-mail:  paul.a.cini@gov.mt

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​The Manufacturing and Services Directorate provides specific manufacturing and service functions, which are efficient and demonstrate the required return on investment, to all areas of Government.
The Manufacturing & Services Directorate is made up of the following sections:

  • Metal Trades Section;
  • Carpentry Section;
  • Plumbing Section;
  • Electrical Section;
  • Lifts Section;
  • Air conditioning Section;
  • Vehicles & Plant Section;
  • Administration Section.
Apart from these sections, the Directorate has one Co-Operative within its fold, namely:
• The Traffic Signs Co-Operative (KOPTASIN)
This co-operative offers all types of services related with road and traffic signs. It is made up of skilled employees in their trade, which is a guarantee for a high quality and genuine service.

Director (Manufacturing and Services) is Mr Raymond Caruana
E-mail: raymond.a.caruana@gov.mt​


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The Legal Office manages the Legal Affairs of the Works and Infrastructure Department, providing consultancy services and legal assistance to the Department in court and arbitration proceedings.

Head, Legal Office is Dr.Mark Sammut LL.D.
E-mail:  mark.f.sammut@gov.mt