Coast Road Project

The Coast Road project is on Route 1, the main north-south access road in Malta and forms part of the TEN-T network.
The project includes the widening and the re-construction of the road which extends from the Qawra traffic lights junction to the Commonwealth cemetery near Pembroke. Works, which will see the widening of the road by 10 metres and the installation of several water reservoirs, are expected to last a total of 60 weeks.
Total budgeted cost for works’ contract is €53.1m, including VAT (Cohesion fund and local funds).
Some of the project features include:
  •     Widening of asphalt pavements
  •     Re-alignment of curves
  •     Design of new junction
  •     Cycle lanes
  •     Pedestrian footpaths and crossings
  •     LED street lighting
Following the archaeological discoveries in the Salina Bay, along the Coast Road project site, Transport Malta (TM) continues to manage the related works under the supervision of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage (SCH) so that proper archaeological investigations are carried out on site. A complete list of discoveries that have been en-earthed through the excavation phases for the widening and reconstruction of the road has already been documented by the same SCH.

Works on
the project are therefore progressing in a more cautious manner to take into consideration these features and artefacts. It is envisaged that some structural changes will be required in the road foundation layers so as to preserve such features. Transport Malta is currently working on a modified option for the Coast Road in the Salina stretch to incorporate and preserve these archaeological findings, within the foundation layers below the road build-up. 

Due to these important findings the project timelines are being re-evaluated with the possibility of them having to be extended beyond summer. 









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