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Mission Statement

To provide strategic and administrative support services to the Ministry for Transport,Infrastructure and Capital Projects and advice to the Permanent Secretary, and to co-ordinate the activities of the Directorates falling under the Division to support the Ministry in the attainment of its mission”

Main Responsibilities 

The overall purpose of the Support Services Division is to provide strategic and administrative support services to the various Departments and Directorates falling under the portfolio of the Ministry for Transport,Infrastructure and Capital Projects, with the aim of ensuring effective, efficient and quality services that support the mission of the Ministry.   Whilst ensuring accurate preparation of management information, the Division coordinates the compilation of Business and Financial Plans and the Human Resources Plans that ensure the continuation of the provision of administrative functions, at the same time attaining a more strategic outlook for the finance and people management functions, whilst improving internal assurance structures.

Director General (Strategy & Support Services)
Mr Adrian Dalli ​

The Support Services Division performs its functions though the following Directorates:

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Mission Statement

“To promote a culture of excellence in human resource management and provide a self-fulfilling work environment to its internal clients.”

Main Responsibilities

The People Management Directorate (PMD) is the administrative service provider of the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure (MTI) in all aspects of human resources management.  The Directorate is the hub of the Ministry servicing as a liaison between all the Directorates within this Ministry. Its main objective is to meet the organizational requirements of the Ministry and of all its employees in aspects such as employee relations, recruitment, promotions, increments, retirements, personal developments, family-friendly measures, allowances, discipline and so on.  

This Directorate ensures that all necessary data as regards the existing workforce, such as, the amount per grade, the age etc, as well as, the amount of employees retiring  in the coming years is made readily available to the various Divisions which take this information on board when compiling their respective HR requirements.  The Directorate will also be embarking on the compilation of the training needs of all the employees within the various Divisions in order to ensure that the existing and futuristic workforce would be prepared to meet the challenges tied to projects, etc. 

The People Management Directorate is made up of 20 employees who form the clerical and administrative side of the Directorate and the Security Services Section, which is made up of circa 150 employees.

Director People Management
Ms. Doreen Cardona

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Mission Statement
“To be responsible for all financial planning, budgeting, financial transactions and financial control pertaining to the Ministry, Permanent Secretariat, and the various Directorates within MTI”

Main Responsibilities
The Financial Management Directorate provides the Departments within the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure with necessary and effective assistance in matters relating to finance and procurement of supplies and services, whilst providing management with the required financial monitoring by means of the Financial Control Unit in order to keep the Directorates’ finances in line with government Financial Regulations. As a result of the monitoring of expenditure, identified savings are transferred to those items where additional funding is required for the efficient operation of the Directorates.
Units falling under this directorate are:

  • Accounts Section
  • Financial Control Unit
  • Procurement and Supplies
  • Registry

Director (Finance and Administration)
Mr. Spiridione Gravino