SESAR 2016

Project no. and Name:
SESAR Deployment Programme Implementation 2016 – Cluster 1
MATS - Malta
Project Details:
SESAR is responsible for defining, developing, validating and delivering technical and operation solutions to modernise Europe’s air traffic management system and deliver benefits to Europe and its citizens.

Malta will be participating in 3 actions under this project:

1. INEA 2016_161_AF6 DLS Implementation Project Path 1
Project amount: €6,552,606

Under this action, Data Link Services will be implemented as per IR 2015/310 with deadline 05/02/2018 in the Blue Med FAB in order to permit the data transfer from the communication segment of the VDL2 system to any kind of “operational” environment.
Mainly the project will address the Ground – Ground Communication, Air – Ground Communication and the Multifrequency.

2. 2016_109_AF5 BLUEMED FAB IP Network Deployment
Project amount: €838,184

The BLUE MED Members DCAC, HCAA and MATS will implement the local IP network in order to accommodate future SWIM capabilities. Internet Protocol Network connectivity will enable to exchange ATM information, thus ensuring improved operational capabilities.

ENAV will support DCAC, HCAA and MATS in the design of the network and in ensuring interoperability between the concerned G/G arrangements, enabling provisional connectivity to PENS via the Rome SDP.

3. 2016_159_AF6 DLS Implementation Project Path II
Project amount: €76,840

Path II aims at identifying and defining the main preparatory activities to be undertaken towards the implementation of the European target solution (Model D), in support to SDM activities.
To enable the full achievement of the European Target Solution, Model D by 2022, the following activities are expected to be performed:
a) Identification of the Service Areas;
b) Design of the system architecture at Service Area and European level.