Safety Investigations by Other Countries

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Safety Investigation Report No.
Vessel Name
Vessel Type
Accident Type
Occurrence Date
Investigating Authority
​Densa Tiger ​Bulk Carrier ​Allision involving the Liberian Bulk Carrier New Legacy and the Maltese Bulk Carrier Densa Tiger, causing the foundering of the Bangladesh local barge Char Shamail and resulting in missing crew members of the barge at Chittagong Anchorage, Bangladesh.​ ​​29 September 2018 ​Liberia
​Joelle Bulk Carrier​ ​​Collision with, and subsequent foundering of​ fishing vessel Polat 1 in position 36° 41.2’ N  034° 40.0’ E​ ​22 Ma​rch 2018 ​UEIM,  
MO-2016-202 ​Azamara Quest ​Passenger ​Contact with Wheki Rock, Tory Channel ​27 January 2016 ​TAIC, New Zealand
Oct 2017
​Eurocargo Trieste​ ​Ro-Ro Cargo ​Death of one truck driver inside the garage of Ro-Ro cargo Eurocargo Trieste ​06 October 2016 ​HBMCI, Greece
​​Gazi ​​Bulk Carrier ​​​​Collission between MV Samir and MV Gazi at Chittagong Port​ ​​11 November 2016​ ​​​Mercantile Marine Office, Bangladesh

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f 2016

Cielo di Monaco Bulk Carrier Bottom contact of Cielo di Monaco at Greenore Port 28 September 2015 MCIB, Ireland
Dec 2016 Amber II Anchor handling tug / Supply vessel Loss of tow 27 January 2016 DMAIB, Denmark
47/2015 Nefryt General Cargo Poisoning of the ship crew after the fumigation of cargo in the port of Abidjan 25-26 September 2015 SMAIC, Poland
CSL Thames
Bulk carrier
Grounding of CSL Thames in the Sound of Mull
09 August 2011
Besiktas Pera
Product tanker
Collision between vessel Besiktas Pera and vessel Super Fast Baleares at the port of Valencia on 01 September 2011
01 September 2011
CIAIM, Spain
Reina 1
General cargo
Collision between MF Ankara and MV Reina 1
20 October 2011
Marine Accident Investigation Commission, Republic of Turkey
Besiktas Pera
Product tanker
Collision of vessel Besiktas Pera against the pier during the docking manoeuvre at the port of Valencia
22 October 2011
CIAIM, Spain
Joerg N
Collision of the motor vessel Joerg N and the fishing vessel Golub
01 November 2011
Commission for the Conduct of Marine Safety Investigation, Republic of Croatia
Bulk carrier
Injury of crew members
15 November 2011
JTSB, Japan
Gas Arctic
LPG tanker
MV Spring Bok and MV Gas Arctic – collision 6 nautical miles
24 March 2012
Saga Sapphire
Two men overboard while conducting a lifeboat drill alongside No 106 berth, Southampton
29 March 2012
Amber Bulk Carrier Contact and grounding of the bulk carrier MV Amber at Gravesend Reach, River Thames, London 15 November 2012 MAIB, UK
24/2014 Ovit Oil/chemical tanker Grounding of Ovit in the Dover Strait 18 September 2013 MAIB, UK
3/2015 Rig General cargo Rig and Inger Marie: Collision on 10 July 2014 10 July 2014 DMAIB, Denmark
MO-2014-002 Aquarosa Bulk carrier Unintentional release of the freefall lifeboat from Aquarosa 01 March 2014 ATSB, Australia
August 2015 Mein Schiff 1 Passenger Collision between the research vessel Princess and the Maltese Cruiser Liner Mein Schiff 1 on 10 August 2014 in the port of Bergen (Norway) 10 August 2014 BEA-mer, France
06/2015 Hazal General Cargo Fatal accident on board MV Hazal 13 June 2013 Accident Investigation Board, Republic of Turkey
(Report published in Spanish)
MARIA DOLORES Catamaran/Pass/RoRo Collision between the Maltese registered HSC Maria Dolores and the Spanish registered fishing boat Rinconcillo in position
35° 59.176N  005° 36.879W
20 July 2015 CIAIM, Spain
NTSB/MAB-16/08 PRIVOCEAN Bulk carrier Breakaway of bulk carrier Privocean and subsequent collision with tanker Bravo and tugboat Texas 06 April 2015 NTSB, US
Navios Northern Star Bulk Carrie r Contact with buoy 15 March 2016 ATSB, Australia
MA2017-6 Baltia Bulk carrier Collision with fishing vessel Ryohomaru No. 8 02 November 2015 JTSB, Japan
12/DNZ-03/2019 Vitaspirit ​Bulk carrier ​Allision against the jetty in the Istanbul Strait ​07 April 2018 ​UEIM, Turkey
MA2019-10 Erna Oldendorf ​General cargo ​Allision against Oshima Bridge in position 33° 57.5’ N  132° 11.1’ E
​22 October 2018 ​JTSB, Japan​
Dec 2020 ​Chemical Marketer ​Chemical tanker ​Collision on the Western Scheldt – River cruise ship Viking Idun and Chemical Marketer ​01 April 2019 ​DSB, The Netherlands​
​​​2019/08 (Part 1)


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​HNMOS Helge Ingstad ​Frigate​ ​Collision between the Frigate 
​​HNOMS Helge Ingstad and the
​oil tanker Sola TS​
​08 November 2018 ​AIBN / NSIA / DAIBN / MSIU / CIAIM​
R-002-2020-DIAM ​Prinzessin Isabella ​Inland Passenger Vessel ​Collision with the Panamanian-registered general cargo MV Blue Star I on the River Danube, Romania ​05 October 2019 ​Panama Maritime Authority​
338/19 INTERIM Kelly ​Multipurpose ship ​Fire in the engine-room with one dead and two injured crew members on the Elbe River / Tn. 51, Germany ​06 September 2019 ​BSU, Germany​
202006/006 INTERIM ​Margarete Schulte ​Container ​Fatal injury to stevedore in the port of Manzanillo, Panama ​10 June 2020 ​Panama Maritime Authority​
33/20 ​X-Press Mulhacen ​Container Pilot’s fall into the water on the approach to the Northern Port of Gdansk, Poland
​​05 June 2020 ​SMAIC, Poland
2021/000704 ​Atlantic Project II ​General cargo ​Fatal accident in the port of Antwerp, Belgium​ ​08 February 2021 ​FBIMA, Belgium
​Atina ​Oil Tanker  ​Contact of tanker Atina with oil and gas production platform SP-57B ​17 October 2020 ​NTSB, USA​

Investigation Report 405- 20

Annex Prof Wirz

Annex report Prof Ackermann

Annex 52027 Inspection report
Northsea Rational ​Product Tanker ​Allision with a quay wall by the tanker Northsea Rational in Hamburg ​25 November 2020 ​BSU, Germany


​Container ship ​Breakaway of container ship
CMA CGM Bianca​
​02 August 2020 ​NTSB, US​
202012/007 ​Atlantic North ​Container Ship​ ​Propulsion malfunction of another vessel leading to two allisions in the port of Bejaia,
​05 December 2020 ​Liberian Registry​
​Dec 2022​ ​Andre Michel I ​General Cargo ​Contact with two bridges on the Rhône diversion canal at Donzère (Drôme), leading to one fatality ​02 October 2021 ​Bea-Mer, France​