Accidents & Incidents Occurring in 2014

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Safety Investigation Report No.
Vessel Name
Vessel Type
Accident Type
Occurrence Date
National Occurrence No.
Safety Investigation Report Status
Romy Believer
Contact with submerged rock in position 39° 08.90’N  023° 35.43’E 07 January 2014
201401/005 Final
02/2015 Ligari Bulk Carrier Collision between the Maltese registered bulk carrier Ligari and the Korean registered product tanker
DL Sunflower in position 34° 40.7’N  129° 05.5’E
11 January 2014
201401/010 Final
03/2015 Satigny Bulk carrier Water ingress while on passage in the North Sea 24 January 2014 201401/030 Final
04/2015 Atlantic Action Ro-Ro Fatality on board the Maltese registered cargo
ro-ro vessel Atlantic Action in the port of Houston, USA
01 March 2014 201403/002 Final
05/2015 Mein Schiff 2 Passenger Damage to lifeboat’s davits travelling wire ropes in St. Georges, Grenada 13 March 2014 201301/003 Simplified Final
06/2015 Nordic Trine Chemical /Oil Tanker Crew member fatality following fall from a height in the port of Ghent, Belgium 28 March 2014 201403/031 Final
CN Jumbos
Bulk Carrier Collision between the Maltese registered bulk carrier CN Jumbos and the Liberian registered bulk carrier Anton Topic two nautical miles Northwest of Ko Lin, Thailand
30 March 2014 201403/035 Final
08/2015 Xmun Supply Vessel Accidental activation of the CO2 fixed installation system in the engine-room resulting in injuries to six persons at Manoel Island Yacht Yard 01 April 2014 201404/001 Final
09/2015 Pola Med General Cargo Fatality of a crew member in position 57° 38’N  021° 06’E 09 April 2014 201404/012 Final
10/2015 Johann Oldendorff Bulk Carrier Serious injury to crew member in position
17° 31’N  126° 54’E
03 June 2014 201406/001 Final
11/2015 Barun Powerboat Ejection of three people from the Maltese registered powerboat Barun off Dwejra, Gozo 08 June 2014 201406/007 Final
13/2015 Universal Brave Oil Tanker Fire in the purifiers room in position 10° 31.44’N  075° 10.67’E 14 June 2014 201406/017 Simplified Final
14/2015 Fantastic Bulk Carrier Serious injury to crew member in position
05° 37.8’N  097° 54.3’E
16 June 2015 201406/020 Simplified Final
15/2015 AMT Explorer Deck Cargo Barge Capsizing while under tow off the South Southwest coast of Sardinia 03 July 2014 201407/018 Final
16/2015 Green Glacier Reefer Serious injury to crew member during cargo loading operations in position
14° 29.7’S  081° 24.6’W
07 July 2014 201407/002 Final
17/2015 Munich Trader Container Serious injuries to two persons following an explosion at Boluomiao Shipyard, Guangzhou, China 09 July 2014 201407/007 Final
18/2015 Britannica HAV General Cargo Serious injury to crew member in position
56° 06’N  003° 07’W
16 July 2014 201407/008 Simplified
19/2015 Boa Heimdal Tug Fatality following a collision in Borgundfjorden, Norway 18 July 2014 201407/011 Final
20/2015 Betty Work boat Contact with MV Jameela Star and subsequent foundering at Marsa, Malta 28 July 2014 201407/07 Final
21/2015 Stara Planina Bulk Carrier Fatality of a crew member in the port of Montoir, France 02 August 2014 201408/001 Final
Seapace Bulk Carrier Failure of a deck crane on board the Maltese registered bulk carrier Seapace in the port of Bécancour, Canada
13 August 2014 201408/012 Final
23/2015 Evangelia Petrakis Bulk Carrier Collision between the Maltese registered bulk carrier Evangelia Petrakis and the Bahrain registered container vessel Mayssan in the approaches to Xiazhimen TSS, Easty China Sea 25 September 2014 201409/028 Final
24/2015 GSP Perseau Supply Vessel Engine-room fire on board the Maltese registered supply vessel GSP Perseau at GSP Shipyards, Agigea, Constanta, Romania 29 September 2014 201409/035 Final
25/2015 Uragano Fishing vessel Fire in the engine-room about 55 nautical miles off the Northeast coast of La Maddalena Island, Sardinia, resulting in the loss of the vessel and marine pollution 05 October 2014 201410/006 Final
26/2015 Belvedere Passenger Cruiser (River) Falling overboard of a crew member during mooring operations and subsequent loss of life at Handelskaje Quay, Vienna, Austria 01 November 2014 201411/001 Final
27 /2015 Kiran Turkiye Bulk Carrier Man overboard from the accommodation ladder at the Eastern Bunkering C, off Singapore 13 November 2014 201411/018 Final
Fides Ro-Ro Cargo Fatal accident on board the Maltese registered ro-ro cargo vessel Fides in the port of Ravenna, Italy following the tipover of a forklift 14 November 2014 201411/021 Final
29/2015 Fides Ro-Ro Cargo Alleged collision involving the Maltese registered ro-ro cargo Fides and the Italian fishing boat Nika in position 43º 30.0’N  014º 42.7’E 02 December 2014 201412/003 Final
30/2015 Katre General Cargo Grounding of the Maltese registered general cargo Katre in the approaches of Hvide Sande 24 November 2014 201411/034 Final
31/2015 Floriana General Cargo Fatality of a crew member on board the Maltese registered general cargo Floriana at Tocopilla Anchorage, Chile 01 December 2014 2013412/002 Final
32/2015 Merito Container Parting of mooring ropes resulting in one fatality in the port of Algiers 09 December 2014 201412/011 Final
33/2015 Falkland General Cargo Grounding while underway in position
61° 43.8’N  004° 57.3’E
12 December 2014 201412/015 Simplified Final