Accidents & Incidents occurring in 2013

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Safety Investigation Report No.
Vessel Name
Vessel Type
Accident Type
Occurrence Date
National Occurrence No.
Safety Investigation Report Status
01/2014 Nin Bulk Carrier Lifeboat accident on board the Maltese registered bulk carrier Nin in position 09° 37.0’S  034° 58.7’E 06 January 2013 201301/003 Final
02/2014 Sichem Lily Chemical / Oil Tanker Lifting sling failure and subsequent damage to the rescue boat on board the Maltese registered chemical / oil tanker Sichem Lily in Huelva, Spain 13 January 2013 201301/011 Final
03/2014 Saga Sapphire Passenger Progressive flooding during a ballast operation in position 45° 33.9’N  007° 24.8’W 06 January 2013 201301/029 Final
04/2014 Katre General Cargo Collision between the Maltese registered general cargo Katre and the Dutch registered general cargo Statengracht in position
54° 53.4’N 
103° 13.2’E
01 February 2013 201302/001 Final

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Thomson Majesty Passenger Failure of a lifeboat wire rope fall resulting in five fatalities and three injuries on board the Maltese registered ship Thomson Majesty while alongside in Santa Cruz de La Palma 10 February 2013 201302/008 Final
06/2014 Setubal Express Ro-Ro Auxiliary engine fire near the Port of Al-Khums, Libya 07 February 2013 201302/007 Final
07/2014 Hopa General Cargo Serious injury on board the Maltese registered general cargo Hopa at the Port of Caronte, France 16 February 2013 201302/021 Final
Celebrity Century Passenger Failure of a lifeboat wire rope fall on board the Maltese registered ship Celebrity Century while alongside in Kailuna Kona, Hawaii 26 February 2013 201302/030 Final
09/2014 Mississippi Star Chemical / Products Tanker Fire in the engine-room, resulting in one fatality approximately six nautical miles off the Eastern coast of the UK 11 June 2013 201306/010 Final
10/2014 B Gas Ettrick LPG Carrier Serious injury during the loading of Propane at Fawley Oil Terminal, Southampton 04 April 2013 201304/005 Simplified
11/2014 YM Pluto Chemical/Oil Tanker Fatality in adverse weather conditions in position
40° 35.25’N  009° 56.30’W
27 April 2013 201304/022 Final
12/2014 ​Rio Gold Bulk Carrier Grounding and stranding South of Preparis Island in position
14° 19.7’N  093° 36.9’E
05 May 2013 201305/008 Final
13/2014 El Pirata ​Pleasure Yacht Loss of life from the tender boat to the Belgian registered pleasure yacht
El Pirata off the coast of Gozo, Malta
​06 May 2013 201305/012 ​Final
14/2014 Charlie 1 Pilot Boat Serious injury on board the Maltese registered pilot boat Charlie 1, 0.6 nautical miles Southeast of Marsaxlokk Port, Malta 19 May 2013 201305/015 ​Final
15/2014 Wilson Leith General Cargo Pilot ladder failure resulting in an injury to the pilot in position 53° 32’N  000° 13’E 31 May 2013 201305/024 ​Final
16/2014 Ocean Glory General Cargo ​Loss of rudder in position 23° 49.7’N  16° 44.3’W 07 June 2013 201306/008 ​Simplified
17/2014 Zenith Passenger Fire in the engine-room in position
45° 11.7’N  012° 41.9’E
25 June 2013 201306/022 Final
18/2014 Seasong Oil Tanker​ Serious injury to crew member in position
36° 19.5’N  035° 11.8’E
06 July 2013 201307/004 Final
19/2014 BSLE Teresa General Cargo Serious injury to a crew member in the port of Hamburg 22 August 2013 201308/019 Final
20/2014 CMA CGM Pegasus Container Fatality on board the Maltese registered container vessel CMA CGM Pegasus in the port of Dalian, China 24 August 2013 201308/024 Final
21/201​​4 Mitrope Chemical Tanker Serious injury to crew member while casting off a tug’s towline in the port of Szczecin 18 September 2013 201309/019 ​Final
22/2014​​ Celebrity Infinity Passenger Serious injury to a crew member on board the Maltese registered passenger ship Celebrity Infinity in the port of Harwich, England 30 September 2013 201309/028 Final​
23/2014​ Gea​ Chemical / Oil Tanker​ ​Minor oil spill during bunkering operations at Sheskharis Oil Terminal, Novorossiysk, Russia ​19 October 2013​ ​​201310/014 Simplified
24/2014 Celebrity Millennium Passenger Serious injury to crew member in position
009° 25.0’N  085° 01.9’W
14 October 2013 201310/008 Final
25/2014 Manon Chemical / Oil Tanker Serious injury to a crew member during mooring operations at Maripasa Terminal in Parana River, Argentina 18 October 2013 201310/020 Simplified
26/2014​ Smat Ro-Ro Grounding off the port of Poti, Georgia in position 42° 08.84’N  041° 38.76’E 19 October 2013 201310/019 Final
27/2014 Umar 1 Chemical / Oil Tanker Over-pressurisation of a cargo tank in Fos sur Mer 19 October 2013 201310/016 Final
28/2014​ Mar Almudena Oil Tanker Cargo boiler explosion in Caracas Bay, Curaçao 28 October 2013 201310/029 Simplified Final
29/2014 Tarsus Bulk Carrier Stevedore fatality on board at Port Rozi Anchorage, India 13 November 2013 201311/011 Final
30/2014​​​ Universal Prime Oil Tanker Collision with a fishing boat in the East China Sea 20 December 2013 201312/015 Final