Safety Alerts

In accordance with regulation 14(1) of the Merchant Shipping (Accident and Incident Safety Investigation) Regulations 2011, the Head of Marine Safety Investigation may at any time make recommendations as to how future marine accidents and incidents may be prevented as a result of one or more marine safety investigations, either in progress or in its finalised version, and on the basis of an abstract analysis from any source deemed valid and reliable.  The Head of Marine Safety Investigation is also obliged to notify the European Commission of any action he deems necessary to prevent the risk of new accidents.
This page contains safety alerts issued by either IMO Member States' investigative bodies or flag State Administrations.  They are being published solely for the information of interested parties.
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Safety Alert Reference
Safety Alert Focus
Issuing Entity
Issuing Date
Danger of earth fault on HFO Flow Sensors manufactured by Hanla Level Co. Ltd.
July 2012
Electric arcs due to poor electric contact in the sockets of ADVANCE model Centium 1CN-2P32​-SC, Instart Electronic Ballast
November 2012
Failure of lifeboat wire fall due to corrosion that resulted in five fatalities on the Maltese registered passenger vessel Thomson Majesty
February 2013
Examining the risks associated with the use of SPDs
April 2013
Attention on Deck!
Commercial Fishing Vessels
Dangers associated with working around moving deck machinery, rigging, and equipment on board commercial fishing vessels
December 2013
Shark ja​ws system Loss of watertight properties of the shark system sith potential water ingress and flooding
Administration des enquêtes techniques

​August 2020
Fires on Board ​Li-ion batteries ​MSIU ​Malta ​September 2022​