​Verżjoni bil-Malti

The Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Project is committed and hard at work implementing efficient and quality work in the vast sectors which fall within its remit. As we are nearing Budget 2019, the Ministry feels that it is in the public’s interest to give a snapshot of what has been delivered to the people during this last year.
This informative campaign is aimed at informing you about what is being done for your benefit, for the benefit of your family and for the benefit of the community in which you live, through the transport, infrastructure and planning sectors, as well as with regard to capital projects.
This year the Ministry is perhaps mostly being mentioned in Maltese and Gozitan homes with regard to implementation of various road infrastructural projects, as well as the Tritoni fountain restoration, and the various schemes and initiatives that have been launched. However, the Ministry has delivered various other works which are contributing to positive results for the communities.
Follow this campaign to learn more about the way in which you are benefitting from our work.




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Ferries - More than 1.3 million trips in 2017 


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We worked with the Local Councils towards the investment of 4.2 million from the Development Planning Fund towards community projects.​


Road Infrastructure - More than €17 million investment in our Road Infrastructure during Summer 2018.

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BUS 20 - Thanks to the BUS 20 initiative where youths aged between 16 and 20 can use buses for free, €1.4 million have been saved by Maltese and Gozitan families. More than 20,000 youths benefited from this initiative.






Public Transport - an increase of 2.5 million trips during the same period as last year.