The vision of the National Aerospace Centre, NAC, is to become a sustainable agency operating as a centre in Aerospace Research Development and Innovation (RDI) in technology areas of value to national industry and European competitiveness. The NAC’s focus on key strategic technology areas will lead to innovations in aerospace that will strengthen both the Maltese and European economy. Furthermore, it will also contribute to Maltese competitiveness and the country’s performance as an EU Member State.

The overall strategic objective of the NAC is to become a sustainable Centre of Excellence providing a service to national stakeholders in the Aerospace sector with particular focus on supporting the continued competitiveness of local industry and contributing to its growth. Furthermore, the NAC will contribute to Maltese and European R&I. This will be achieved through R&I excellence in science and technology. Six specific high level objectives for the NAC operating as a Centre of Excellence are identified, namely:

  • ​To operate as a centre of excellence for Research and Innovation, R&I, in aerospace in Malta. This is expected to be achieved by offering services to stakeholders and employing a number of R&I professionals in diverse disciplines
  • To support the local industry to improve competitiveness
  • To help attract international investment in the aerospace sector to Malta
  • To extend R&I activity to the European Research Area and beyond, through the participation in EC cooperative research programmes and through international contracts
  • To provide advice to the Government of Malta and to represent its interests in matters relating to the Aerospace sector by participating in international policy activities
  • To make career prospects in aerospace more attractive and rewarding. This will be achieved by offering continued professional development courses, hosting of industrial placements/student traineeships at tertiary level and promoting R&I in aerospace

To become a Centre of Excellence, the NAC will also develop excellence in human resources, especially in technical and operational skills. Netherlands Aerospace Centre, NLR, intends to share its technical know-how and provide its support and capabilities to assist the NAC to become a Centre of Excellence within Europe thus achieving the full extent of the intended value in the scope of teaming.