€112,500 investment in the Żabbar Civic Centre by the Lands Authority

Reference Number: PR201704, Press Release Issue Date: Sep 11, 2020
Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg and Parliamentary Secretary for Lands and Construction Chris Agius visited the Żabbar Civic Centre where the Lands Authority has implemented a €112,500 investment on the 1,000 square metre centre.

Minister Ian Borg said that, “here we can see an investment in a reference point for the community of this locality. Our lives in our community have a big effect on our quality of life and standard of living. It is important to have quality spaces where communities can meet and spend their time. After all, this place also provides important health services, and it is therefore essential to have an adequate building. We will continue implementing more similar projects through our entities as well as through the Public Works Department within the Ministry, and we will continue ensuring that every project we carry out, big or small, has a positive effect on the quality of life of our communities”. He also said that similar works will be carried out at the Rabat Civic Centre.

Parliamentary Secretary Chris Agius said that it is imperative to take care of government property by keeping it in a secure and good conditions, and that this aim has been achieved in the context of one large building in the centre of Żabbar.​

The said building accommodates a number of offices which offer services to the public such as health-related services, agricultural services, social security-related, the Auberge, the police station, the post office, the Library, as well as the council’s own offices, so it is of the utmost importance that this building is in the best possible condition as it is frequented daily by a considerable number of people.

The parliamentary secretary thanked the Lands Authority for the valuable work being done to best safeguard the country’s assets.

Lands Authority CEO James Piscopo said that last year, the Lands Authority issued around 30 approvals to local councils, enabling them to submit applications with the Planning Authority in order to carry out works that are aimed at citizens’ wellbeing. This year, although it is yet to end, the authority has already issued approximately 40 approvals.

He explained that during last year, eight properties were passed by means of devolution from the government to local councils, so that these properties can used in a way that benefits the community. A number of devolution requests are being processed this year.

In order to have a more direct approach and serve local councils, in the best way possible, the Lands Authority has come up with a customised formula, called LC1, for their specific use. This form can be filled in online and can be found on the Land Authority’s website.

Works included repairs on the roof, facade restoration, stone treatment, balcony restoration, new tiles and other aesthetic works.​