€2.5 million project towards the restoration of the old railway tunnel and new facilities for Parliament

Reference Number: PR201529, Press Release Issue Date: Aug 11, 2020
The Grand Harbour Regeneration Corporation (GHRC) is currently working on a €2.5 million project by the Office of the Speaker, in which the old railway tunnel was restored, and the building of a structure is now underway to add facilities for Parliament.

Minister Ian Borg said, “The government is interested in continuously investing in all types of infrastructure. Here, we are working on two levels – restoration and conservation of our architectural and historical heritage, as well as new facilities for administrative work. I am proud that the GHRC was entrusted with this important work and we are continuing to invest to keep reaching higher standards in our country – both in terms of facilities, as well as with regard to conservation and regeneration.”

During the press conference, Speaker Anġlu Farrugia commended the works done in the -2 level of the Parliament building, which are being implemented under the supervision of GHRC. He said that this part of the building will include the Parliament library, the archives, the committee rooms, as well as more offices for librarians and research analysts. 

He said that he looks forward to witnessing the completed work by the end of this year, as, due to COVID-19, works had stopped for a period of time earlier this year. 

Current works include a metal structure anchored to support the upper floors. 80% of the structure has been installed and will be painted with fire-proof paint. Facilities include a conference room, a research office, an archive room with motorised shelving, a library, offices and other facilities. A secondary tunnel that was used as a passage from downstairs to Freedom Square will be used as storage space. The project also makes use of sound proofing elements and includes aesthetic aspects. Among other things, the floor will use limestone and polished concrete, with particular gravel similar to that of when the railway was in use. The upper floor will be accessibly by stairs and lift. ​