Investment in MCP Car Park will aid the economic regeneration of Valletta

Reference Number: PR201432, Press Release Issue Date: Jul 27, 2020
Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg and Parliamentary Secretary for Lands and Construction Chris Agius visited the MCP Car Park project where a private investment is underway to increase facilities and parking spaces, which will help incentivise more people to visit Valletta. The extension of this project took place on government-owned land.

Minister Ian Borg said, “The government is always willing to support and work hand in hand with the private sector when their aims are in line with our holistic vision for a better quality of life for our country. A while ago we announced a number of measures to aid the economic regeneration of Valletta and incentivise more people to visit the Capital City. This project will also do its part to this end. Such an investment goes hand in hand with the government’s efforts to invest in public transport for more efficient connections, incentives towards cleaner means of transport like electric cars, and other infrastructural work that not only improves road safety and efficiency but which also considers aesthetic aspects of places like our capital city.”

Parliamentary Secretary Chris Agius said that among other work, one of the most important aspects and intentions of the Lands Authority is to ensure that when land is given for commercial purposes, we do not only consider commercial aspects but seek to embellish and improve local zones like the MCP Car Park in Floriana.

He said that while parking spaces are increasing, the upper part was transformed into a garden and open space which will be enjoyed by the public. Among other works, a number of indigenous trees were planted to create this beautiful open space with plenty of plants and trees. He concluded by saying that it is important to continue working to create  more open spaces for the enjoyment of our families.

The investment in this parking facility will add 400 new car spaces on 6 underground levels as well as new facilities such as charging points on every storey. The project also includes an aesthetic aspect with a garden and embellishment works in the upper part, a bicycle space, paving, recreational benches, and a pedestrian facility in the form of a bridge. The investment, originally €5 million, was doubled and has risen to €10 million.