Minister Ian Borg visits the Malta Air Traffic Services premises

Reference Number: PR201387, Press Release Issue Date: Jul 22, 2020

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg visited the Malta Air Traffic Services premises. Among other aspects, this entity includes the control tower and oversees all communications and directions for every aircraft that enters, exits or passes over Malta’s airspace. 

Minister Ian Borg said that this entity is essential for the aviation sector as, without its operation, no air connection would be possible. 

He said, “Every day, Malta Air Traffic Services works from behind the scenes on a 24-hour basis so that we can have the opportunity to travel, to welcome tourists and relatives from abroad, and to receive cargo. Although the pandemic crisis gave rise to a lot of uncertainty for this entity, with a substantial reduction in revenue due to international flight limitations and the closing off of our airport, MATS was still among the first to offer its assistance. It was thanks to the entity that we could repatriate Maltese people stuck abroad, that we could receive essential cargo, including medical equipment, and that the air ambulance and the Armed Forces could continue to operate. The government remains committed to helping those industries most affected by this pandemic to recover. In the meantime, MATS will continue prioritising safety, service quality and its employees.”