Mqabba Regeneration Project nearing completion

Reference Number: PR201369, Press Release Issue Date: Jul 17, 2020
Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg visited the Mqabba Square where a €2 million regeneration project by the Public Works Department is currently underway as part of a larger investment of more than €4 million which includes a rainwater catchment system with the aim of mitigating the flooding issue. This project has now neared completion. This week saw the conclusion of the infrastructural and paving works in the square.
“Here we have another community project being implemented by the Public Works Department, an investment with infrastructural, social and environmental goals. Thanks to this intervention, the picturesque village of Mqabba now has a much more beautiful square as it deserves while residents will witness a significant improvement in quality of life after we intervened to mitigate flooding issues. We remain committed to invest in the standard of living of our communities”, stated Minister Ian Borg.

Mqabba Mayor Omar Farrugia said that, “for many years, the Mqabba Community had been wishing to see more modern realities in the village. Thanks to the work and wisdom of this government and its collaboration with the local council, today we can witness the dream becoming reality. Regeneration and embellishment in the village core – which will result in a completely different look compared to what we were used to – with paving that befits the same square, the permanent removal of electrical wires from residential facades as well as mitigating one of the biggest headaches experienced by Imqabba residents during the year – flooding. We express our gratitude to Minister Ian Borg within the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects for the commitment he is showing to the village of Mqabba”.

Work is currently ongoing on the rainwater system and other water services connections. In the coming days, the project will continue with works on underground electric services, safety markings and signs, facilities for village feast poles and asphalt surfacing of several places near the square. Even though the project did not include the pavement in front of the Santa Marija Band Club and the paving of the adjacent alley, these works will also be implemented following a revision towards a more holistic project.