The Malta National Park – A €20 million investment towards the first national park for our country at 450,000 square metres. “We are implementing in practice our commitment to provide open spaces that can be enjoyed by families.” – Prime Minister

Reference Number: PR191007, Press Release Issue Date: May 10, 2019

With reference to the announcement about The Malta National Park, a 450,000 square metre open space in Ta’ Qali with an investment of €20 million, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said that this investment is a practical illustration of the government’s commitment to give families, youths, children and the elderly open spaces that can be enjoyed by all of them.

Dr Muscat said that this investment in an open space is the greatest one in at least a generation and stressed that it is good that while as a country we achieve economic results, we also give importance to investments of this type to nurture our families by improving quality of life.
The Prime Minister explained that this project began when the government recognised the potential of a zone that had previously been used as a factory and that was unfortunately subject to abuse, and instead of giving it away for the creation of another industrial space, it was decided to give it to the public to join the rest of the existing open space in Ta’ Qali.

Dr Muscat said that this National Park, which will be a third of Hyde Park in London, will see the planting of 80,000 trees and plants and will include several recreational zones for families and all those who visit.
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat went on to say that this project will not be a once in a blue moon project and made reference to announcements already made by the government with regard to the afforestation project in Bengħajsa at 80,000 square metres and the Regional Road project in Santa Venera where a roof will be installed on an area of around 13,000 square metres.


At the end, Dr Muscat thanked all involved stakeholders who will make this project a reality.
Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg, who leads the Ministry that worked to plan the concept with respect to this project, and that will be responsible for its implementation, commended the direct action that was taken by the Planning Authority on a site that had been abandoned for a long time and thanked all workers who carried out this work.
“For years, this site was only used for dumping, a fact that drew little attention from the people. However, this government noticed and took action so that this site could be given back to the people, and we were not satisfied giving it back to after the direct action by the Planning Authority was taken.
To the contrary, like always, we saw how we could give added value to this site, how we could give the highest quality infrastructure to people who deserve it, how to achieve the maximum benefits from the space we have taken back. And therefore, we laid down a project that is extending beyond this site and that will incorporate other pockets within the area of Ta’ Qali that will be regenerated so that we will deliver to the people a national park that befits our country,” said Minister Borg.


He said that this space, which is as large as 60 football pitches and comes up to double St James Park in London will incorporate several different concepts, as explained by Prime Minister Muscat. Minister Borg said that these concepts will be included because this is a Government that understands that everyone has different needs and desires, and such a large space can cater for a lot of these wishes.


“The Malta National Park is a place where our families will be able to spend an entire day, as they will experience one thing after the other in a tranquil place away from busy everyday life, a project towards more work-life balance, because we believe that Malta and the Maltese people deserve all that is good and positive. Today we are here because this government wants to give Maltese people everything they deserve, because this government cares about families, youths, the elderly, children. This is the government that cares about the people’s quality of life. From 2017, as a Ministry, we will have given the people almost 70 new or improved open spaces and today we are announcing the largest one – a national open space to be enjoyed by everyone, where our diverse communities can come together and meet to enjoy our environment with facilities befitting the people of a leading country,” concluded Minister Ian Borg.
“Environmental politics; governmental politics that give more quality spaces to the people – we need to see that the environment is enjoyed by all generations,” stressed Minister José Herrera. He explained how today more new spaces are being created and said that this is what has happened today with the launch of the Malta National Park project.


“Investment in the environment; the environmental vision of the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change believes in the connection between the environment and education. The National Park project announced today will not only involve the regeneration of the Ta’ Qali zone but will also be a project that uses renewable energy, and which serves as an example for the general public. This project is a mandate, this time not only addressed to the politician but to the people, so that we can truly leave a quality country with quality open spaces for all those who come after us,” stated Minister Herrera.
Parliamentary Secretary for Planning and the Property Market Chris Agius said that after several reports of illegal dumping of waste in a zone in Ta’ Qali, the Planning Authority immediately launched an investigation which concluded that the zone in question was used for the manufacture of precast concrete in the past.
Parliamentary Secretary Agius explained that the first action taken by the Authority was the removal of public danger, as the zone was freely accessible. He said that action to remove abandoned machinery was also taken.
“Thanks to this timely investment, this 50,000 square metre zone is now being given back to the people and will be enjoyed by the general public,” concluded Parliamentary Secretary Agius.