ProCrew launched towards more professional mobility in the maritime sector of superyachts

Reference Number: PR190804, Press Release Issue Date: Apr 16, 2019

Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg and Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sport and Voluntary Organisations Clifton Grima launched the ProCrew project set up through collaboration between MCAST, the City of Glasgow College and the Malta Maritime Forum, with financing from the European Fund for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.

Minister Ian Borg spoke about the importance of the maritime sector for our country as today the Maltese register is first in Europe and sixth in the world, a status other member states aspire to. The minister said that Malta also registered very positive results when it comes to the registration of luxury yachts which are larger than 24 metres, where by the end of March more than 750 yachts were registered under the Maltese flag, a record increase of 90% over 5 years ago.

“We are speaking about a sector which is a pillar for the economy, which generates a substantial amount of ancillary investment while also generating substantial income in foreign coin, a sector which is also generating several jobs for hundreds of people in several roles. And even in this industry, one can never stress enough the importance of human resources for our country which has an island economy that is dependent on connectivity, tourism and services. Today is therefore another important step to continue working towards growth in the maritime sector”, said Minister Ian Borg while thanking all entities and authorities for this initiative, including MCAST, Transport Malta and the Maritime Directorate.

He praised the ProCrew project which is aimed at providing the necessary skills tied to jobs that vary from deck operations to engineering to hospitality services on superyachts, as this programme is expected to create an opportunity for individuals to obtain the necessary qualifications to work on a superyacht. The minister praised the programme’s flexibility as it not only offers practical experience at sea but also includes blended learning towards the continuous improvement of skills while one moves ahead with their career.

“This mentality goes hand in hand with the way Transport Malta operates with regard to the educational and professional aspect. The Government fully supports every initiative which creates opportunities for training and education so that the country’s human resources always continue fostering, improving and refining their skills and continue moving ahead in their careers”, concluded Minister Ian Borg.

Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Sport and Voluntary Organisations Clifton Grima said that these new courses are a practical example of how the industry and educational institutions can work together to complement each other and reach the individual’s full development.

“Malta has a strong tradition in the maritime sector. This is an important industry for our economy, where our Government is generating a lot of commerce while also creating quality jobs. Our aim is that, while we strengthen the existing academic system, we continue widening the routes we can offer students so that they can carry on with their studies towards their benefit in the near future. Such courses will continue strengthening Malta’s reputation as a destination that offers the best facilities for sailors, including human resources”, said Parliamentary Secretary Clifton Grima.

From his end, MCAST Principal and CEO Prof. James Calleja said that “MCAST’s goal is to offer courses which include the needs of the Maltese economy which is diverse and dynamic. The superyacht industry in Malta is constantly growing and the ProCrew projects was designed to provide skills related to deck operations, engineering and hospitality service jobs so that both youths and adults will be able to work on superyachts. It is greatly satisfying for MCAST as well as for me as principal, that we are offering these courses which will provide training and experience towards the continuous development of this very important sector for our country”.