31 architects receive their warrant

Reference Number: PR190722, Press Release Issue Date: Apr 08, 2019

31 new architects were welcomed to the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects where they were presented with their warrants by Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg.
While addressing the new architects, the minister said that this profession carries with it a balance of satisfaction and responsibility, and that satisfaction comes only if the profession is carried out with the same responsibility. He described the architect as the professional who looks at the architectural landscape of our country and thinks about ways to improve, renew or create.


“I believe that the upcoming generations are amongst those that can continue to implement work towards a more sustainable future, and in your profession, you are the new generation, you should have a fresh vision and perspective and you should dream differently”, said Minister Ian Borg.


He explained how our country’s current economic success has led to growth in the construction industry, which is now helping to sustain the economy as well. At the same time, the minister stressed the importance of looking at the quality of the fruit borne by this industry and of doing our utmost to avoid abuse. That is why it is essential that professionals, as are these architects, and engineers oversee work not only during the construction stage, but throughout the lifetime of any building.


Minister Borg said that in these last weeks we have seen that the property market has witnessed a growth of 9%, a market which has grown due to general growth in the economy and in other sectors which also sustain this sector. He said that this growth means a greater demand for professionals working in this industry, professionals who can make decisions towards progress and sustainability. He said that while one cannot erase what was done in the past, the future is filled with opportunities for our country to develop sustainably.


“You will have the opportunity to witness improvements in this industry. The ministry is working hard so that apart from setting up the Malta Construction and Building Authority, towards more coordination between the various laws and entities, as well as to work in a more coordinated way on safety, sustainability and quality, it is also carrying out a lot of work with the entities falling within the ministry. From my end, I encourage you—you who will be working on the same buildings that have to be built—to use your profession with the greatest responsibility, conform to the code of ethics and be innovative. In this way, you will have the greatest satisfaction from your career because you will be aiding a positive change for your country and you will be carrying out your duties in a way that honours this warrant. I wish you all the best”, concluded the minister.​