New contractor register to start welcoming registrations as of next week

Reference Number: PR191498, Press Release Issue Date: Jul 05, 2019

 Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg and Parliamentary Secretary for Planning and the Property Market Chris Agius, together with the Chamber of Architects and Civil Engineers and the Malta Developers Association announced new developments regarding the Building and Construction Reform. “Everyone is interested in safeguarding the safety of people and third-party properties, while ensuring that the industry continues operating well without compromising safety. Government has been working on different aspects of this industry for a long time and it is clear that we need to act immediately. We have agreed to immediately introduce a contractor register that will be created by the BRO with the full cooperation of the Malta Developers Association, which will hold within it the classification of which services a contractor provides, including his machinery, employees and experience”, said Minister Ian Borg. He explained that this register will be the first of its kind in our country and will be in a directory format. It will open for registrations from Wednesday 10th July and will eventually expand to include classification and licensing. “This is not the end. 


We will continue working non-stop to ensure that we have an industry that continues to work but that is more regular. We will continue working on this register so that by the end of the year, anyone who wants to work in this industry will have to be licensed. We know that the majority of people operating within this sector do so according to regulations and with the greatest diligence, and we felt that this register, which was planned to be set up with the new authority, should start welcoming registrations immediately”, concluded the minister. “I thank the Chamber of Architects and Civil Engineers and the Malta Developers Association for their participation in discussions that led to this positive announcement today. It is good to remember that work had already started, but these recent unfortunate accidents led us to quicken our pace. We will continue working so that by the end of the year we can have new regulations to license contractors. The industry has grown, and we will not accept work that is not regularised”, said Parliamentary Secretary Chris Agius from his end. Chamber of Architects and Civil Engineers President Perit Simone Vella Lenicker said that, “it is very satisfactory that today we have arrived at this step, and I thank the MDA and the government for their cooperation in this aspect. With this step, both architects and contractors, who take up respective and joint responsibilities through the Civil Code, will be regulated in the same way. We look forward to more discussions and cooperation.” From his end, Malta Developers Association President Sandro Chetcuti said that, “the industry had several shortcomings and we are satisfied that the government took action regarding these challenges. The Association agrees with this regularisation. There are many people in the industry who work appropriately, and this register will protect and push forward those who conform to the desired standards. The MDA will cooperate fully towards continuing work that is positive and clean”.