Dr Ian Borg announces €2.2 million project in Mqabba

Reference Number: PR180046en, Press Release Issue Date: Jan 11, 2018

​Minister Ian Borg announced a regeneration project of around €2.2 million for the village of Mqabba. This project will include the regeneration and embellishment of the Mqabba village core, as well as investment in reservoirs and other water catchment systems. The project will serve to improve the quality of life of the community in this locality and to ease flooding near the existing reservoir while also helping in the protection, conservation, and the use of natural rainwater.
Planning works are currently underway and the permit towards building the second reservoir has been approved. The project is divided into three phases: the first phase includes the building of this new reservoir and the conversion of the existing reservoir into soakaway. The second phase focuses on the building of a culvert system which will take the water directly to the reservoirs. The final phase will include the embellishment and regeneration of the Mqabba Parish Square, which will include the paving of the zone around the Church and the transfer of some services from the façades of private homes to below the pavements. Works will be avoided throughout the season during which the village feasts in this locality are celebrated, as these are very close to the hearts of the people, and in this way, can be celebrated fully. The local council was extensively involved in the setting of these phases.

Minister Borg said that this project will give new life to the community, especially to those who make use of the Mqabba square - which will be given a new life thanks to spaces with improved aesthetics used during several activities, such as the village feasts. All those with homes close to the existing reservoir that suffer from flooding, as well as those who make use of or live near Triq il-Konvoj ta’ Santa Marija, will also benefit from this project. In this way, the Minister explained, more than 3,000 people will directly benefit from this full plan for the locality.
He expressed satisfaction with the fact that this project and the planning involved once again clearly show the quality with what work is being done within the Ministry. All projects, from the largest to the smallest and including roadworks, show that the Ministry looks at and evaluates every project with a wide viewpoint and through its investment, does everything in its power to include all that is important and requires improvement. Minister Borg added that thanks to this project, help, as appropriate, will be given to the Mqabba community and to those who visit it.
Mqabba Mayor Dr Charlene Muscat expressed the council’s gratitude and thanked the Minister and the Government, stating that they have the pulse of the people and are listening to what the people want. She added that the Mqabba community will welcome this project with open arms.
The Minister also announced that tomorrow, 12th January 2018, will see the inauguration of Tritoni Fountain and Tritoni Square at six in the evening.