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“Infrastructure, Transport and Capital Projects – every sector within our remit affects the lives of each and every one of us.
Our priority is to improve the quality of life of the Maltese and Gozitan people; that is why we strive so that our country can benefit from sustainable development, a revolution in infrastructure, innovative projects, efficient transport, and continuous evolution.”
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Ministry for TransportInfrastructure and Capital Projects (MTIP)
Minister: Hon. Aaron Farrugia
​Portfolio: ​Ports
​Maritime Affairs
​Coordination of Major Government Projects
​Internal Transport
Entities​: ​Bureau of Air Accident Investigation
​Grand Harbour Regeneration Corporation
​Infrastructure Malta
​Lufthansa Tecknik Malta Ltd (one representative)
​Malta Air Traffic Services Ltd
​Malta International Airport plc (one representative)​
​Malta Strategic Partnership Projects Ltd
​Projects Plus Ltd
​Transport Malta
​Yachting Malta Ltd (subsidiary of Malta Strategic Partnership Projects Ltd)​)​
Boards:​ ​Airport Charges Regulatory Board (Recommended by Airmalta Board)
​Airport Scheduling Committee
​Aviation Advisory Committee
​CVA Board
​CVA Contestation Board
​Land Transport Supervisory Committee
​Malta Road Safety Council
​Maritime Safety and Pollution Prevention Committee
​Maritime Security Committee
​Maritime Supervisory Committee
​Mooring Services Board
​Pilotage Services Board
​Port Workers Board
​Port Workers Pension and Contingency Fund Committee
​Roads and Infrastructure Supervisory Committee
​Utilities Network Dispute Resolution Board
​Utilities Services Advisory Committee
​Vintage Vehicle Classification Committee
​Warrants Board – Periti